Welcome to TOPBIO Chemiluminescence image system for western blot / southern blot / northern blot / dot blot / slot blot, Gel documentation for DNA / RNA / Protein electrophoresis gel image, UV transiluminator, PCR solution ~~~


FloGel ( FGIS-3 )


Simple gel documentation , capture gel image for DNA , RNA , protein etc.
affordable price, easy setup.


EtBr Gel , SYBR Green Gel , SYPRO Orange Gel , SYPRO Red Gel ,
SYPRO Ruby Gel , Commasie blue Gel , X-ray film , Colony plate ,
Western blot , TLC plate , Realtime electrophoresis , chemiluminescence


1. 1/2inch, grayscale,  Cool CCD  -25 oC ( bellow ambient ), high sensitive detecting system.
    sensitivity <0.01ng
2. Chip  resolution :1391x1039=1,440,000pixels, ( Max.5,700,000)
3. Preview resolution:1391x1039.
4. Exposure time : 0.001 second - 10 hours.
5. Filter selector: 4 filter well, rotating change, include insert hole which is easily to access and 
    install filters in this full dark box.
6. Quantitative depth: 16bit , grayscale = 65535.
7. Filter : Standard include EtBr filter( wavelength= 595nm ), Option: other wavelength / 
    440nm, 530nm, 630nm
8. Setting sequence capture: automatic catch 1-10  images with different exposure time and auto save.
9. Zoom Lens: 8-48mm / F1.2,  ( Option: 8-48mm / F1.0 )
10. White light source: reflective, 8WX2 tubes, Option : other wavelength light source UVA, UVB, UVC
11. Safety door can automatic shot down the UV Light when door is open or continuous lighting on for
      view actual gel or cutting gel
12. Option: can install multi-wavelength light source ( 440nm , 530nm, 590nm , 630nm. Etc.) and
      flexible light source for Realtime electrophoresis or  Multi-color fluorescent images .


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