Welcome to TOPBIO Chemiluminescence image system for western blot / southern blot / northern blot / dot blot / slot blot, Gel documentation for DNA / RNA / Protein electrophoresis gel image, UV transiluminator, PCR solution ~~~


DigiGel ( DGIS-11c )


Simple gel documentation , capture gel image for DNA , RNA , protein etc.
affordable price, easy setup.


EtBr Gel , SYBR Green Gel , SYPRO Orange Gel , SYPRO Red Gel ,
SYPRO Ruby Gel , Commasie blue Gel , X-ray film , Colony plate ,
Western blot , TLC plate , Silver stain gel, Western blot membrane etc.


1. Image capture: Color, B&W
2. High resolution  12,000,000 pixels
3. 5X Optical zoom lens; Aperture:F1.8(W) / F2.8(T)
4. LCD monitor: 7 inch color display TFT, can be adjusted by different angle 
5. Image storage: 16GB,with card reader
6. Multiple function dark hood: can fix with camera or CCD, moveable.
7. Directly operation: don't need computer control, protect from EtBr contaminate
8. Long time exposure: 250  - 1/4000 second.icrease weak bands to be more visible.
9. Filter: 600nm for EtBr stain , option: 530nm, 620nm.
10. Reflective  light source: 4W x 2 tubes /white light , option: UV 365nm, 254nm, 306nm.
11. Image can be transfer to computer via cable or memory card and card reader
12. Direct connect to thermal printer for image printout.


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