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PCR Preloading dye

PD-001    PCR Preloading dye

features :
1) pre-mix with PCR Taq or Master Mixture solution to
    prevent from forgotten add important reaction
2) pre-mix with different concentration of MgCl2 PCR
    buffers with different color e.g. green, red, blue to
    easy identified reactions.
3) will not affect the PCR reaction during run PCR protocol.
4) 1000ul / vial x 2 vial / pk
5) easy to use, 10 X concentration , PCR reaction 9ul+1ul dye = 10ul
6) loading sample to gel well directly after PCR reaction finish, don't need to add Tracking dye. save time
    for mix loading dye when run gel with a lot of samples.

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