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MultiGel-21 ( MGIS-21-C2-1M )

Description :
MultiGel-21 is a multi-functions image system for DNA, RNA, Protein analysis.   It is equipped with high sensitivity CCD and capable of capturing the weak signal from western blot samples or other blotting membranes and even animal tumor or plant leaves.   It include the functions of gel documentation, Chemiluminescence, multi-color detection, realtime Electrophoresis etc.

Applications :

Chemiluminescence, EtBr Gel, SyBr Green Gel, SyPro Orange Gel, SyPro Ruby, Western Blot, Southern Blot, Northern Blot, Dot Blot, Slot Blot, ECL, X-ray film, TLC, Tissue Sample, Commasie blue Gel, Sliver stain Gel, Colony plate, Real-time electrophoresis, animal tumor, GFP plant

Specification :

  • Cool CCD system, grayscale
  • Temperature cool down : -25℃ ( bellow ambient )
  • CCD resolution : 1,440,000 pixels
  • Software resolution : 5,760,000 pixels
  • Quantitative resolution : 16Bits, 65535scale
  • Exposure time : 0.001 s to 100,000 s (>24 hours)
  • Stand alone operation, WiFi, 300GB storage space , USB output
  • ZOOM : 8-48mm / f1.0
  • Reflectance light : white, 8WX2. (option: UV 254nm, 306nm, 365nm)
  • Integrate touch monitor 10”


  • Filter selector : 4 wells, rotated selection, dark box.
  • Filter Wavelength : 600 nm , 530 nm , 630 nm
  • UV wavelength : 306nm (or 254nm, 365nm, 254+365nm), 15W x 6, view size 200x200mm



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